SHS Amritsar takes pride in its sister-institutions in other parts of the country:

  St. Mary's High School, Majitha Road, Amritsar.
    St. Vincent De Paul Primary School, Tungbala, Amritsar.
  Jaishy Mann Primary School o/s Lahori Gate, Amritsar.
    Sacred Heart High School, Chogowan, Amritsar.
      Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Dalhousie, H.P.
        Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Sidhpur, Dharmsala, H.P.
          St. Mary's High School, Sidhpur, Dharamsala, H.P.
          Prem Ashram –Children's Home, Una, H.P. (Home for the Mentally Challenged Children)
          Sacred Heart High School, Parathaspur, Bareilly, U.P.
          Sacred Heart High School, Mathur, Trichi, Tamil Nadu